We all know that cannabis and Jews go together like...well...bagels and lox.


While not every Jewish person consumes cannabis (or even wants to) what we all share is a drive for Tikkun Olam. The War on Drugs does tremendous harm to millions of people. From the criminalization of those who use cannabis for medicine, to the mass incarcerating millions of African-Americans for non-violent drug offenses, not coming together on the Drug War isn't just immoral, it goes against what it means to be Jewish. And what's more, we believe the War on Drugs is a truly solvable problem. We bring people together to talk about it.  



see you this year in los angeles...

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April 27, 2019
The 3rd Annual Le'Or Cannabis Passover Seder for Peace

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At Le'Or we "spark up" compelling and often lively conversations around taboo subjects like marijuana legalization and mass incarceration.

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