The Spiritual-Use Movement Continues to Flower!

When we started Le'Or a few years ago, reactions to the Jews-and-weed conversation ranged from bemused to offended to dismissive. Sure, many Jews are at the forefront of medical research, drug policy reform, and the emergent legal cannabis industry. But for many Members of the Tribe, a spiritual-use conversation seemed like a bridge too far. 

So, it is truly exciting to see more and more young Jews connect their spiritual identities with their advocacy selves to create new opportunities for cannabis to enhance their faith. One such superstar is Cat Goldberg, the engine behind cannabis "Chai (with a guttural 'ch', not like the tea) Havdallah services. 

As she recounted to the Jewish Journal, "Goldberg, who grew up attending a Reform synagogue in Miami, said she’d attended only one Havdalah service before, but felt the event would be a good chance to bring together Jewish cannabis enthusiasts and showcase local entrepreneurs like the Kleins. She said she plans to host Chai Havdalah on a seasonal basis, and also to launch smaller, more intimate “Chai Shabbat” events for Friday evenings."

Whether it's a cannabis-infused havdallah service, shabbat dinner, Passover seder or 'Chronicah" celebration, the growth of open spiritual-use events is a sure sign that the taboo of it all is eroding. One day it will be gone, dayenu!