The Ten Plagues of the Drug War

By Roy Kaufmann | March 30, 2016

The Ten Plagues
Some scholars contend that the original ten plagues reflect and play upon our deepest fears as humans: financial ruin, pain and illness; the unknown; and of course, death. If we use this lens to examine marijuana prohibition over the past 80 years, we can imagine a new list of plagues, 10 Modern Plagues of the Drug War.

As we read each of these aloud and as a group, we use our finger to place a drop of wine on our plate’s edge:

One, the criminalization of nature
Two, the suppression of science and information
Three, the prison-industrial complex
Four, the radically undemocratic and unequal application of laws
Five, the systemic violence against the poor
Six, the denial of medicine to the sick and dying
Seven, the destruction of families
Eight, the isolation of stigma and shame
Nine, the perversion and erosion of a faithful justice system
Ten, the perpetuation of violence by those sworn to protect us"